Partnership with the Aliva® Group

Aliva® Srl is our official partner for the design and installation of façade systems

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Wide range of solutions

We can produce façade panels covered with any type of material, and provide extreme customization of the material’s size, structure and type

Quality and Safety

We take care of all aspects of the project and its execution in anywhere in the world, in compliance with the specifications and applicable regulations


Honeycomb panels are the high-end solution for façade systems, when maximum performance is required in every aspect: visual impact, large formats, high-grade materials, ease of installation, lightness, sturdiness and durability.

Ventilated façades

Ventilated façades are multi-layer systems in which an external envelope covers the walls of a building so as to form a cavity that favours air circulation. The air enters the cavity from below and flows upwards, creating a suitable flow to promote wicking and moisture removal during the winter and to keep the interior cool during the summer.

This type of enclosure consists mainly of five parts: 1) the curtain wall that encloses the volume of the building, 2) the thermal insulation layer, 3) the ventilation chamber, 4) the supporting substructure, 5) the outer cladding. The external finish protects the perimeter walls from the elements, contributes to acoustic insulation and also has an cosmetic function.

Why choose a ventilated façade

The ventilated façade is a very effective solution for ensuring compliance with energy efficiency standards. In summer conditions it provides an adequate thermal phase shift (the heat enters the house at night) and an appropriate thermal attenuation (the incoming heat flow is reduced). Conversely, in the cold period, it increases the time needed to cool the wall and eliminates condensation.

The ventilated façade makes it possible to comply effectively with the regulations on soundproofing because its layered structure contributes to optimal absorption of noise. In addition, since the skin is continuous, it avoids not only thermal but also acoustic bridges. Last but not least, the cosmetic result of a ventilated façade is certainly very impressive.

Starcell / Aliva® façade systems

Starcell has signed a partnership agreement with Aliva S.r.l., leader in the design and installation of façade systems. This alliance is an absolute guarantee for customers since it ensures the best possible result in terms of quality of the project, product and service.

Starcell is an expert in the production of panels for ventilated façades, unsurpassed in terms of mechanical and cosmetic performance. Aliva has thirty years of experience in the construction sector, particularly in terms of building envelopes, and is therefore the best partner for everything related to the shipbuilding industry and the design problems of the product and its installation.


Ariacovering® panels are certified for fire reaction class A2 s1 d0 and are therefore non-combustible; more than 20 European standard tests certify and guarantee the technical characteristics and unalterability over time.

Ceramic, glass and metal façades

The Ariacovering® façade system by Aliva & Starcell is the design solution to the cosmetic requirement to use lightened coverings in large formats. The heart of Ariacovering® technology is an aluminium alloy honeycomb core designed, manufactured and tested entirely in Italy.

The metal "skins", bonded to the open-cell core, give the resulting composite panel an extraordinary stiffness and resistance to bending. The panels are completed by adding the finishing material: gres, glass or metal, with extraordinary architectural impact thanks to sizes up to 1.5 x 4.2 meters.

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